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Comprehensive Urban Mobility Plan
Morelia, Mexico
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Integrated Transport System Survey
Metropolitan Area of Cochabamba, Bolivia
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Urban and sustainable mobility

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In TRANSCONSULT, aware of the importance of the urban mobility, it seeks to contribute to the constant improvement of the infrastructure for mobility and transport services.


It offers comprehensive and multimodal solution that permits faced the challenges that raise the evolution of the society, economic development and technology.


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Comprehensive Urban Mobility Plan of Durango, Mexico

The Government of the State of Durango is considering developing, in Durango City and its surrounding areas, a transport system that is compatible with urban space, contributes to the environmental protection and improves urban mobility; therefore, state authorities have proposed, as a starting point, the creation of a comprehensive plan for sustainable urban mobility (PIMUS) containing the elements required to know the transport system demand. The PIMUS takes into account actions aimed to upgrading the urban and suburban transport system and includes from improvements to public transport services and road networks to implementations of public transport corridors that serve as a structuring element of urban development.

Location: Durango City, Durango, Mexico

Client: Government of the State of Durango

Comprehensive Urban Mobility Plan of Durango, Mexico


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