Palmillas – Apaseo el Grande highway South Beltway (Libramiento Sur) of
Queretaro, Mexico
Circuito Exterior Mexiquense (Exterior beltway of the State of Mexico)
State of Mexico, Mexico

Market and income research

for transport infrastructure

Other projects:

The estimation of traffic and income for transport infrastructure has the finality of sizing the technical practicality, economic and financial of realize a project.


TRANSCONSULT has been participating in more than 100 of market studies for the concession schemes, public-private association and use of transport infrastructure assets.


Surveys on technical, economic, and financial feasibility, and prefeasibility

Demand, traffic density and income projections

Operational and monitoring analysis.

Road impact surveys

Asset valuation of 12 border bridges in the southern and northern borders of Mexico

Ensenada Beltway (Libramiento Ensenada) in Mexico

Traffic, income and traffic density of Paquete Michoacan (several highways), Mexico


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