Implementation Analysis of Low Carbon Core Technologies for public passenger transport
Location: Several Mexican cities
Navojoa Beltway (Libramiento Navojoa) financial model
Navojoa, Sonora

Technical, legal and

financial structuring project

Other projects:

In TRANSCONSULT, we provide services to the public and private sectors in order to elaborate and implement Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects related to urban mobility and accessibility (public transport systems, urban roads, parking lots), highways, drinking water, wastewater treatment, public lighting, urban solid waste collection, management and disposal, as well as educational, cultural, sports, health and social assistance facilities, among others.


The financial model, based on made or obtained estimates regarding income, cost, demand, rates and returns, is used to determine: the profitability of project and investor, levels of public and private participation, as well as sensitivity analysis to key variables.


The development of infrastructure and public services demands a good management and considerable resources that governments do not have. This has led to the creation of PPPs, a public policy instrument that allows combining and enhancing the strengths of the public and private sectors to develop efficient high-quality infrastructure projects of public services in a quick and timely manner through the private sector participation that is usually comprehensive because takes into account financing, design, construction, operation, maintenance and conservation.

First and second stages of the comprehensive mobility system of Guanajuato

Zacatecas Beltway (Libramiento Zacatecas) technical, legal and financial structuring support


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