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Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Train

Recently, Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Train was inaugurated, which will mobilize more than 230 thousand passengers daily.

  • It will unite Guadalajara, Zapopan and Tlaquepaque, through a route of 18 stations. (thirteen elevated and five underground)

  • It will provide service with a total of 18 trains that will be able to transport 700 passengers each.

  • It will have an estimated daily demand of 233 thousand people; 10 thousand vehicles will stop circulating per day; 17,400 tons of C02 will be emitted each year

We are pleased to announce the commissioning of Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Train in which, Transconsult in association with Egis, carried out the

supervision of:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of rolling stock and railway facilities such as track, catenary, energy, railway signaling, telecommunications and control center, among others.

  • Construction and start-up of the workshops and depots of line 3

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of machinery and workshop equipment

  • Independent Security Audit (ISA)

We are proud to have been part of the infrastructure project with the greatest impact in recent years in the state of Jalisco. #SuccessfulCompletion #Transconsult #CivilEngineering #Supervision

It is important to mention that prior to construction, Transconsult participated in association with SENERMEX in the definition of pre-feasibility studies, particularly in:

  • Demand study of the diagonal corridor Zapopan, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque that gave rise to line 3.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of the railway corridor of line 3 of the light rail.

Congratulations to the entire team for the outstanding work done.
These large projects are possible thanks to the work, dedication and experience of Transconsult staff.


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